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Disturbance – Feature Film

On October 30th, 1938, a radio broadcast begins with the lines: “An atmospheric disturbance over Nova Scotia…” In the next hours, Orson Welles sends North America into panic when he broadcasts “The War of the Worlds”.  In an isolated maritime village, German immigrant Wieland Dresner is hosting a Halloween party. His radio picks up the broadcast. When an accident cuts off the show–and the power– this close- knit community’s xenophobic undercurrents erupt into paranoia and chaos as they prepare for an alien invasion—revealing the darkest nature of mankind on the scariest night of the year. DISTURBANCE is a dramatic thriller about the power of media and the perils of blind faith.

Co-production with Cineast Screen Development

The Legend of Oak Island – Feature Film

Buried on an island off the coast of Nova Scotia is one of the greatest mysteries the world has ever known.  Since the famed Money Pit was discovered on Oak Island in 1795, treasure hunters from the world over have been seduced by its promise.  No one has ever succeeded in finding the treasure.  That is, until now…..

For aging archeologist, Marcus Lyon, Oak Island has been a life-long obsession, and he’s alienated his family in the process. Convinced he is about to uncover it’s ancient secret, his final excavation of the deep pit is tragically cut short by a fatal accident.

When word of Marcus’s death reaches his estranged soon Derek, the hot-shot architect reluctantly returns home from Toronto for the funeral.  But Derek soon begins to suspect Marcus’ death was no accident, and becomes embroiled in his father’s perilous obsession to find the final resting place of the Oak Island treasure.

Co-production with 3 Rings Entertainment