A Guy and A Girl

A love life told in comic vignettes. Wildly popular in Québec, France, Greece, Portugal and other countries where the format has been sold, it’s a stream of quick, sure comic takes on revealing moments in a relationship.

Mike and Susy haven’t quite decided if this relationship is the big one. Mike is a vaguely macho right brain kinda guy, grudgingly making room for his feminine side and the politically correct.  Susy is a girl: left-brain, lateral thinker, a multi-tasker. Shifting priorities (career/relationship, kids/no kids) can paralyse her.

So, do they stay in the apartment or do they buy the house? Should they get a pet or maybe have kids?  Who pays for the groceries, eating in bed, asking for directions, tipping, sex in the back seat – all the big questions in life are covered.