[singlepic id=77 w=320 h=240 float=left]Like a whirligig forever spinning in circles, 25-year-old Nicholas Sinclair has spent his life in constant motion getting nowhere. Suffering from yet another personal crisis, the lovable underachiever flees the real world to take shelter in his parents’ empty nest. His parents, however, quickly take measures to dislodge their unprodigal son from their nest egg, a beloved retirement dream home with a view of the sea.

Sensing that three has become a crowd, Nicholas flees emotionally across the bay into the willing arms of Nina, an older, sexy and married woman to whom unworldly Nicholas is merely a means to an awkward end.  As Nicholas’ inept struggle to find purpose spirals towards catastrophe, the list of offended and disappointed family members and neighbours grows. Will this be his masterpiece of disaster, or a rude but necessary awakening?

Co-production with Two East Productions and Standing 8 Productions

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